Hi I'm Mireia, and my great passion is particularly cats and Maine Coon.

Maine coons are a super smart exciting and spectacular race, playful affection and inseparable companions.

I'm only breeding with copies that are in TOP and feline competitions.

I prefer the American style but my goal is to find the balance and harmony between the traditional and the American.
I prioritized round eyes and sweet faces although Box but I run too close expressions.

Currently we expose all our cats Felines in International competitions throughout Europe, whether CFA and WCF.
Also we transacted the pedegrees of our kittens by both Federations.

I want to add that this race needs a committed and responsible breeding have to do genetic testing for puppies are as healthy as possible

So every 18 months, all my Maine Coon undergo an echocardiogram to thus be able to continue peacefully and safely selective breeding of this race.
All my Coons have very good character, are friendly and playful, not just puppies if not also for adults. This is also a work of breeder, select specimens with good character and reject for breeding those who tend to a more elusiveness.

Because of the Beauty another important point is the character and behavior, which is essential for the future of the race.

Some of our cats are feline donor blood bank (UAB), University Autonoma de Barcelona.

So my Maine Coons, meet strict sanitary controls blood bank, thus appear as donors.