Before requesting information from one of my kittens, I would like you to have in mind the following points:

No cat for company will not be delivered, without Having Been sterilized or compulsory sterilization contract, Depending on the age of the kitten delivery.

Prioritizes my Maine Coon for company and Show, rather than for breeding.
(The reason: my desire to live happily all his life with the same family)

In case someone wants one of my Maine Coon to get started in the world of breeding, must prove their breeding program. Just as you have (or it is pending) of all necessary permits, according to the specific regulations for rearing their Lugarde residence.
At the same time we reserve the right to request them requirements that we deem necessary for my Maine are always well attended.

Breeding and exhibition of Maine Coon is laborious and expensive, all my Maine Coon ecocardios are performed every 18 months to prevent HCM, which is rigorous health checks.

Therefore, if you only want cheap, sure my kittens are not for you. But if you prefer a Maine Coon with excellent Genetic, character, beauty and health above all,
sure you understand


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