Panlong Gorge Resort Hotel

Design:Inspiration Studio

Design Date:2006

Finish Date:2007

Location:Deqing, Zhaoqing, Guangdong,China
項目地點:中國 廣東省 肇慶市 德慶縣

Area:950 Chinese Acre

Design Concept

Nature is mother to all things in the world. The design displays a close sincere contact between human beings and nature. Natural materials like rocks and bamboos are used together with glass as a skillful combination of modernity and tradition in the architecture, reflecting the harmonious co-existence of different things in universe, leading guests into a world of peace and relaxation, so that they are able to recognize the beauty they used to ignore just in front of their eyes.



  • Won the Jintang Award-China Hotel Industry Design and Decoration Contest 2009
  • Won the Design Award of the Ring iC@ Int’l Interior Design Award 2008
  • Won the Annual Award of the 6th Modern Decoration International Media Prize 2008
  • Won the Exhibition Award of ‘Ling Nan Cup’ 2008 from GDDA
  • Won the Hotel Design Concept Award 2007 of the ASID &
  • Won the Commercial Space Design Award of the CIID China Interior Design Award 2007
  • Won the Most Beautiful Place Award of Guangdong from Magazine 2007
  • Won the Best Eco-tourism Scenic Area of Asia-pacific Tourism Organization
  • The outdoor scene photography place of Miss Hong Kong 2007
  • 2009 金堂奬-中國飯店業世博体育_世博体育网站裝飾大賽度假酒店類世博体育_世博体育网站大獎
  • 2008 iC@ward-金指環全球室內世博体育_世博体育网站大獎
  • 2008 第六屆現代裝飾國際傳媒大獎
  • 2008 “嶺南杯”廣東裝飾行業世博体育_世博体育网站作品展評大獎
  • 2007 ASID 美國室內世博体育_世博体育网站師學會/《Interior Design》酒店世博体育_世博体育网站概念大獎
  • 2007 CIID中國室內世博体育_世博体育网站大獎賽商業方案類世博体育_世博体育网站大獎
  • 2007《中國國家地理雜誌》評之為“廣東最美的地方”
  • 2007亞太旅遊聯合會評之為“中國最佳生態旅遊景區”
  • 2007 香港小姐指定外景拍攝地